Friday, August 19, 2005

Worked in the ER. Picked up saturday night shift to stay out of trouble...no avail. Went out, got tanked, met up with two dudes prime for a three way. One dude not hot but definitely bubble butt do-able. Other dude was Uncle Fester meets Jabba the Hut meets Pee Wee Herman. Emesis pan not included. Hauled them off to the hacienda. Before diving into the deepest end of the pump it pool, i politely asked Uncle Fester Jabba PW to vacate the premises so i could get it on with Mr Bubble Butt. Fester dejectedly left.
Sex was gritty. Grunting. Seven condoms and several hours later, i awoke
to the snores of last nights kill. Searched for his name, 404...file not found.
Cute face. Nice body. Zipper scar through his abdomen. Entry and exit wounds through his sides. Assault victim. It wasn't that he fell victim to the right place wrong time situation. It was more that he recounted his story, once prompted, over and over to me, as if i did hear him just sentences prior to the first. He then felt a necessity to further parlay his story into that of friends that suffered an equal injustice. Pointing out their sustained injuries, using my body as illustration. I quickly bored of that demonstration and carted him off. I of course carted him home by the way of his favorite fast food joint that he absolutely could not make it home without. I'll spare the petty demands of that experience.

Not that i care, but i wonder where was Uncle Fester at all points along the way.

I never know what i'll end up with. I do know that i will always, and happily, end up alone.